2 / 2008 - urban design, housing

The main articles concentrate on urban design in Finland and the impact of the planned new metro line on the new developments in the capital region. Climate change is discussed in an article as well as in the editorial.

Featured projects:
• Huvitus Housing Company, Helsinki, Kirsi Korhonen, Mika Penttinen
• Kaskipuisto Housing Company, Hämeenlinna, LSV Architects
• Allotrianpuisto, Plazanpuisto and Plazankuja Housing Companies, Helsinki, A-Konsultit Architects
• Hiidenkivi, Metsäniitty, Metsäkoto and Hiidenkallio Housing Companies, Kerava, Gullichsen Vormala Architects
• Tietäjä Housing Company, Espoo, Gullichsen Vormala Architects
• HOAS student housing, Kumpula, Helsinki, Brunow & Maunula Architects
• Suvantopuisto Housing Company, Tampere, Quad Architects, Ilkka Laitinen Architects

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