1 / 1994 - social housing

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

The topics for this issue are the environment of living and social housing. It presents youth and student homes, municipal rental and experimental projects, foreign as well as domestic. 

Featured projects:
• Lutakonniemi – Component master plan progress report, Jyväskylä, Harris & Kjisik Architects
"Ankkuri" – Urban renewal of an industrial waterfront, Lahti‚ Raimo Airamo
• Expo Wohnen 2000 Stuttgart, Gullichsen Vormala Architects
• Pilot building A, "Sibelius", Hestra Garden City, Southern Sweden, Helin & Siitonen Architects
HOAS 73 student housing, Helsinki, Helin & Siitonen Architects
Suviniitynmaja community housing, Espoo, Jyrki Tasa, Tuomo Remes, Antti Luutonen
Cubile student housing, Helsinki, Brunow & Maunula Architects
Nikkarinkruunu 4, Kerava, Brunow & Maunula Architects
"Oma kämppä Hesassa", youth housing project, Helsinki, Nurmela–Raimoranta–Tasa Architects
• Kutterintie 2 family housing, Helsinki, Arrak Architects
• Ruukin Suopursu, rowhouse development, Ruukki, Aitoaho & Viljanen Architects
Oulunsalon Honkakuja, family housing development, Oulunsalo, Seppo Huttu Hiltunen
Kilponniemi rental housing development – Niiralankulma, Kuopio, Olli Lehtovuori

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