At the Dawn of Architecture and Cities

On the surface, the book popularises the history and development of societies – yet can also help architects with seeing alternatives in the contemporary practices of building.


Discovering Historical Architectural Drawings Reveals that Architects Have, from One Century to the Next, Come Back to the Same Basic Questions

Despite the development of drawing instruments and printing technology, from one century to the next, architects come back to the same basic questions regarding the function and meaning of architectural drawings.


Vitruvius Finally Available in Finnish

The thick and heavy volume of Arkkitehtuurista is much more than just a Finnish translation of Vitruvius’ work.


Counterarguments to the Excessive Remodelling of Office Buildings

Analysis of 46 famous 20th century office buildings demonstrates that the buildings are, in fact, more flexible and long-lived than imagined. Ruth Baumeister, Stephan Petermann (eds.) & Marieke van den Heuvel (design): Back to the Office – 50 Revolutionary Office Buildings and How They Sustained.

Project Review

Infill Buildings on Liisankatu in the Historical Part of Helsinki Are a Successful Example of Densification

Kuva: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio A perimeter block in Helsinki’s Kruununhaka district now boasts two new multistorey residential buildings. The block composition became more compact, but the impact is more spacious than before.

Project Review

Apartment Building in Kallio, Helsinki, Sports an Air of Newly Found Romanticism

The apartment building in Helsinki’s Kallio district is firmly rooted both in the architecture of a hundred years ago and in the present day.


Concept: Social Sustainability

Social sustainability has traditionally not been taken into account as an element of urban planning, even though it is central to preventing segregation, Emma Savela points out.