Learning from the Ugliest Building in Oulu

In the middle of a residential area in Oulu, a silo designed by Alvar Aalto is decaying as one last remnant of a pulp mill that operated on the site in the 1900s. In its unmaintained state, the building offers a lesson in the time of an eco-crisis.

Project Review

Cuckoo in the Villa

In the hands of a new owner, an old villa in Savonlinna underwent extensive renovations and received a few extra buildings on the grounds. The old and the new are engaging in a dialogue that is both delicate and doubtful.


To the Ends of the Earth

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale, arranged in various parts of the city, looks at future cities as organisms.


Promoting Beautiful, Well-functioning and Sustainable Housing Design

A new Finnish book on housing design discusses the principles of the field in a topical and inspiring way.


A New Viewpoint for Urban Discourse

Architect Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani casts a critical eye deals on contemporary architecture and urban planning in his collection of writings, now translated into English.


Editorial: Finland Is Demolishing, but for How Long?

Approximately 4,000 buildings are demolished in Finland every year. Would it be possible to imagine a future in which buildings would only be demolished if absolutely necessary?


Ilmakirja Gives a Voice to the Supporters of Natural Ventilation

The book Ilmakirja is the most comprehensive presentation on natural ventilation in Finnish context by so far – yet ends up being more of a manifesto than a pure reference book.


Architects as Mediators of Change

Over the recent decades, the temporary use of vacant spaces has been recognised as a sustainable and inclusive approach for managing urban change. For architects, working with temporary uses can be an opportunity to challenge structures that restrict typical architectural work.