Photo Column: The Image of Home

Images related to housing are homogenous in Finland, says Tuomas Uusheimo.

Project Review

Squares and Slices

Helsinki’s urban centre expands with dense perimeter blocks. The residential block in Sompasaari, designed by Anttinen Oiva Architects, is one of the more successful examples.


Frames for Freedom – Urban Alternative for a Detached House

At Kruunuvuorenranta in Helsinki, there is a rarity: a Finnish apartment building whose homes were sold as raw space. Architect and developer share their thoughts on the project. 

Project Review

A Little Bit of Berlin

A rental apartment building in Espoo by Playa bears traces of Central Europe and of the history of Finnish housing design, says Tarja Nurmi.

Project Review

From Corporation Landmark to Housing

Photo: Sami Saastamoinen The former office spaces became lofty apartments in an extensive conversion. The new row house connects the large building better to its surroundings.


Editorial 4/2021: From Small Dwellings to Microflats

The development of new housing concepts has taken place almost solely according to the conditions of construction companies, seeking to gain cost savings, criticises Kristo Vesikansa.


The Rise of Solo Living

Almost half of Finnish households have only one member, and the same development can be seen in other Western countries. In her PhD dissertation, architect Anne Tervo found out that spatial needs of solo dwellers are rarely met in apartments typical in contemporary Finnish housing. One solution could be sharing.


Would Joint Building Ventures Save the Quality of Housing Production?

Contrary to what is often thought, joint building ventures have a long history in Finland. If things had turned out differently in the 1960s, joint building ventures could still be mainstream.