Contextual Juha Leiviskä

Juha Leiviskä had an unsung ability to fit buildings to their surroundings.


The Construction Industry Needs Tailoring

What if architects applied the practices of recycled fashion in solving the climate crisis?


Quiet Labours – On Care and Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall

What is it like to renovate a hundred-year-old building? Ulla Engman writes about the Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall and a type of care work.


Concept: Spolia – “An Ancient Tool for Contemporary Circular Economy”

The history of spolia dates back to the collapse of Ancient Rome and following propaganda of the Christian church. Nowadays, it could serve as a tool for repurposing building components, particularly when it comes to our endangered, post-1950s building stock.


Revisit: Vuoranta Training Centre

Many types of intergenerational encounters define the faith of the former training centre in Vuoranta.


A Comprehensive History of Estonian Art

The book series edited and coordinated by the Estonian Academy of Arts brings together the development of Estonian arts from the Middle Ages to the present day.


Architecture Is Not Walls, It Is People

Ukrainian architect and historian Ievgeniia Gubkina wrote a book about the architecture of her homeland in the middle of the war.

Project Review

The Perpetual Motion of Konepaja

The Pasila machine workshop, which once manufactured railway carriages, has been renovated in stages for new uses, experience being accumulated along the way.