In the middle of the English countryside, there is a peculiar farm, where architecture in its various forms is at centre stage. Recently, a sauna by Tuomas Toivonen has also been incorporated into the routine of the farm.


Updating the Toolbox

In addition to their own design projects, Geometria Architecture also assists other designers in the utilisation of digital technologies and the implementation of more complex projects.


A City Out of Nowhere

Every year, in the first week of September, a C-shaped city of 70,000 inhabitants is created in Nevada’s Black Rock desert. Also architects are interested in Burning Man festival.


Skilled with Wood

Master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen utilises varied woodworking techniques in his furniture and household item designs, as well as his works of art.


Editorial 3/20: With Hands and Brains

Today, awash with material plenty, we have an ambivalent attitude towards handcrafted items.


Turning a Chocolate Factory into a Home

The former chocolate factory in the province of Girona, Spain, was converted into a second home by Anna & Eugeni Bach, by carrying out carefully thought-out alterations.


Twilight Experiences

Despite its name, the Kaleva barn, has had many uses during its history, yet it never functioned as a barn. It has now become a joint arts and cultural hub. Helena Teräväinen writes about her encounters with the building.


More Authentic Screen Time

The ASMR exhibition at ArkDes, an architecture and design centre in Stockholm, discusses the sensory internet phenomenon.


On Vyborg and Greece – Also Virtually

As the corona epidemic eased its grip, the Museum of Finnish Architecture also re-opened in the beginning of June. Two new summer exhibitions are also open for virtual visitors.