Radical Rules

In London, architects are seeking to promote ethical standards in the field and demanding more sustainable assignments from clients, outside of traditional labour unions, Lee Marable points out. What should we learn from Londoners in Finland?


Pavilion Restored to Its Former Glory

One of the last works of Le Corbusier was a pavilion designed for a close collaborator Heidi Weber, which was completed two years after the architect's death, in 1967. The pavilion has recently been restored – the published book documents the restoration process and its outcome.


Concrete at Architecture Museums

Estonian Museum of Architecture exhibition Miracles in Concrete is built around August Komendant (1906–1992), the Estonian-American structural engineer, but also brings forth a narrative on collaboration between architects and structural engineers and on the history of modernist concrete architecture.


A Metropolitan View of the Country

Countryside, the Future, designed mainly by Rem Koolhaas and OMA/AMO team for the Guggenheim Museum in New York, examines countryside as a global phenomenon.


New Rules of Communication

How is the media image of contemporary architects like? How does the profession make use of the media? These are some of the questions touched upon by a recent issue of Architectural Design on architecture culture and communication.


Editorial 2/20: Fences and Thresholds

What purpose do rules and regulations serve in the field of architecture?


The Faces of the Dockyard

Telakkaranta, situated next to the Helsinki district of Punavuori, is one of the city’s oldest dockyards. The first new building to be completed in the area in the 2010s, currently housing the European Chemicals Agency ECHA, is in multiple ways still deeply rooted in the harbour milieu.


Simple Luxury

When Eräpohja Architects started designing a holiday home on the edge of a nature reserve and in the vicinity of the grounds of a manor house, the authorities felt that it should be as unobtrusive as possible in the landscape.


Thoughtful Patterns

A relief-like tiled facade creates a unique look for two apartment buildings in Kauklahti, Espoo, designed by KONKRET Architects.