Project Review

Elemental Joy

Whilst Finlandia Hall is closed for renovation, a temporary, movable building will remain adjacent to it and offer a space for events. Despite its unrooted concept, the building forms an intimate connection to its environment, writes Lee Marable.


Pikku-Finlandia’s Architect: ”We had just the right amount of ambition”

The temporary event centre, Pikku-Finlandia, built next to the Finlandia Hall during its renovation, has been designed in accordance with the principles of circular economy construction and reverse building design. It is also the first big completed project for three architecture students.

Project Review

An Oasis Along the Rapids

The re-designed riverside of Tikkurilankoski in Vantaa intertwines the cultural landscape with nature. 


A Pavilion for the Better World

Lahti was the European Green Capital in 2021, and this led to the construction of a pavilion that initially prompted debate on climate change in the heart of Helsinki and is now a focus point at a tiny suburban railway station.


Inspired by Nature

Hiking structures in the Tampere region and the Urho Kekkonen National Park show how hiking shelters with long traditions can be updated to the 2020s.


Xenakis Centenary Exhibition in Paris

The centenary exhibition showcases Iannis Xenakis’s key artistic and theoretical breakthroughs within music and architecture.


For the Love of Life

Eighteen small booklets contain the discussions of Pritzker Prize winning architect Peter Zumthor with seventeen different artists and experts.


The Dark Side of the Garden

The encyclopedic book brings together a versatile collection of fragments related to gardening.


Editorial 3/2022: On Nature’s Terms

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss will in the coming years force the building sector to radically overhaul its practices. At the same time it is appropriate to consider the relationship between nature and the built environment from more theoretical viewpoints, writes Kristo Vesikansa.