Editorial 1/2021: Architecture at Year One

It will be years before the tangible impacts of the current epidemic will become visible to us.


Photo Column: 20.3.2021

Tuomas Uusheimo visits Mall of Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki, three days after the declaration of a state of emergency.


Who Has a Right to the City?

Recently, there has been an active discussion about whether Helsinki is planned on the terms of investors or city residents. ARK discussed the sore spots of city planning with the editors of the pamphlet Kenen kaupunki?


Revisit: The Ruoholahti Canal

Ruoholahti district, built during the 1990s, continues the grid structure of the Helsinki city centre westwards. The canal traversing the district utilises with classic themes of urban planning in a slightly modernized form.


Designing the Future in Pandemic Times

We asked eight Finnish architecture firms what they have been working on in 2020.


On the Drawing Board: Freedom versus Safety

The restrictions and demand for social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic provide a deeper perspective for a designer as regards the special needs of nursing home residents, say Kirsti Sivén and Asko Takala.


Crises Never Come Alone

Crises have manifold effects on the society, as the Covid-19 pandemic has recently shown. However, a more resilient built environment can help prevent secondary crises from unfolding, which makes architects part of the solution.


Guidelines for Reconstruction

Coping with unexpected crises requires swift decision making also in regard to the built environment. ICOMOS has developed a tool for examining the effects of crises and to provide guidance in dealing with recovery and reconstruction.


Revolution of Public Space

Three experts reflect on the impacts of the pandemic on architecture and the use of urban space.