Parallel Cities

At times, the visions for the future made by urban planners are so enthralling that they continue to coexist as a parallel reality of sorts alongside the real, built city. This is what happened in Hirtshals, a Danish town with a population of some 5,500.


The Big Picture of Urban Policies

Global phenomena with long-term effects are often forgotten when talking about the processes of urban transformation.


Spaces Made Differently

The book with a special name celebrates Raumlaborberlin, a Berlin-based architect collective, and its 25 years of existence.

Project Review

Time Traveling

In the recent renovation of the Finnish National Theatre’s Small Stage there is no appreciable distinction between the materials of different ages or the temporal layers, but rather a theatre visit takes you back to the 1950s.

Project Review

A Stadium and a Place

With the new stadium carefully adapted to its surroundings, a quiet corner of Tammela has become a vibrant part of the city district.

Project Review

Vision and Form

Kotka’s new events centre is ALA Architects’ latest take on the theme of a sculptural main facade.


Open the Box!

The Finnish Architectural Review has followed theatre construction since the early years of our publication, writes Kristo Vesikansa. Instead of the generic facilities provided by the black box, many of today’s theatre-makers are intrigued by staging performances in other existing spaces, which then become an integral element of the dramatic piece itself.


Arenas of Urban Development

Helsinki, Turku and Oulu are planning to build event arenas in central locations. In Tampere, an arena built above the railway has been in use for a good two years. What kind of cityscape is being constructed along these megaprojects?


A Key to Modern Architecture

In the 1970s, architect Pentti Piha was involved in developing and bringing to Finland the so-called black box stage, which performing artists are nowadays critical of. Through this critique, we can reevaluate the legacy of modernist architecture even more broadly.