How should the old be complemented? How do you go about drawing inspiration from history? What is sustainable aesthetics in the built environment?


On the Drawing Board: How’m I Doing, Louis Kahn?

When an office space renovation was designed by AS LL TK architects, Louis Kahn was standing behind them.


Radical Conservation

Today, anything that is highly valued by a community can be cultural heritage. How should it change our methods for safeguarding built heritage in general?


Gable Fronts and Brick Pillars – Anne Hangebruch & Mark Ammann Interviewed

Anne Hangebruch and Mark Ammann’s designs are informed by the historic typologies and forms that surround them. How do you go about drawing inspiration from history?


Messages from the Past

Spurred on by the climate crisis, the philosophy of circular economy is changing the aesthetics of architecture. With more and more old building components being recovered and reused, we also need new concepts and methods. 


How Should the Old Be Complemented?

Modern or traditional? We invited three experts to discuss how the debate on architectural styles could be brought to present day. 


How could we make housing construction more versatile? What kind of homes we need? What is sustainable housing construction like in the 21st century?


Harkko Housing

ILO architects


Would Joint Building Ventures Save the Quality of Housing Production?

Contrary to what is often thought, joint building ventures have a long history in Finland. If things had turned out differently in the 1960s, joint building ventures could still be mainstream.


Is Housing Fair Finland Falling Behind the Times?

What was the take-home from this summer’s Housing Fair? Besides brochures and disposable promotional bags, that is?


Design Work Begins without Drawing a Single Line

In Vienna, joint building ventures and co-housing often go hand in hand. One of the recent projects is Gleis 21, a residential block of flats.


Photo Column: The Image of Home

Images related to housing are homogenous in Finland, says Tuomas Uusheimo.


The Rise of Solo Living

Almost half of Finnish households have only one member, and the same development can be seen in other Western countries. In her PhD dissertation, architect Anne Tervo found out that spatial needs of solo dwellers are rarely met in apartments typical in contemporary Finnish housing. One solution could be sharing.

3/2021Sacred Space

Where do we find the experiences of sacredness? What is sacred space like in the 21st century? Does ecclesiastical heritage have a future?


Discourses on Dogma – Alvar Aalto and the Church

Alvar Aalto saw a parallel between his own architectural project and the Finnish national Lutheran Church’s adaptation to the twentieth century. In religion, as in modern architecture, tolerance bore more fruit than dogmatism.


Myllykoski Church Extension

OPUS Architects, Zealand Design


Does the Ecclesiastical Architectural Heritage Have a Future?

Declining tax revenues and high repair costs have put the future of many ecclesiastical buildings at stake. We asked three experts for their views on the situation.


The Visible and the Unseen

The Lutheran Church has held centre stage in the history of Finnish ecclesiastical architecture, leaving other trajectories in its shadow.


Ylivieska Church

K2S Architects

Project Review

The Church Has Come to Stay

The old church of Ylivieska burned down at Easter five years ago. The new church weaves together time levels, references and meanings with its architecture.