In Brief

Arkkitehti / Finnish Architectural Review is one of the oldest still running architectural publications in the world – and the only architecture-centric cultural magazine in Finland. It observes and showcases timely phenomena and topics in current Finnish and international architectural culture and discourse. The magazine presents projects in architecture, urban design as well as research, writing, exhibitions and publications. Architectural Competitions in Finland is published as a supplement to the magazine. Each issue is built around a discursive theme. All content appears in both Finnish and English and as such the magazine provides a vantage point into Finnish architecture also for the international readers. Finnish Architectural Review is the only bilingual Nordic architectural publication. The magazine is geared at everyone interested in architecture, urban design and the built environment.


The magazine’s first issue was published in 1903. The idea for an architectural journal came from Arkitektklubben, a predecessor of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). The magazine initially appeared in Swedish, under the title of Arkitekten, but has been published in Finnish since 1921. Since 1927, it has been published by SAFA.

Archives and Digital Content

Digitized issues of Arkitekten 1903-1919 and Arkkitehti from 1921-1939 can be freely accessed in the Finnish National Library’s digital collections. Past printed issues are also available for research in major libraries. Issues from 1950 onwards are currently available at the magazine’s digital archive. All content from 2018 onwards is also available as online articles.