Arkkitehti – Finnish Architectural Review publishes topical and timely takes on architecture, urban design, planning and other related fields, with content ranging from essays to commentaries, project reviews and articles as well as book and exhibition reviews. The magazine also showcases novel and interesting architecture and design projects and research. Arkkitehti follows global discourse with focus on the Finnish context.

Article and project proposals can be submitted throughout the year to for consideration. In drafting the proposals it is recommended to consider the announced, forthcoming themes.

Theme issues and schedules in 2023

MOVEMENT 1/23 Sustainable mobility, transport terminals, currents of architecture
The issue is out 3 February 2023.

CARE 2/23 Hospitals, architecture for wellbeing, resilience
Article proposals can address (but are not limited to), for example, the following questions:

– How can we promote health, well-being and resilience  by the means of architecture and urban planning?

– What kind of environment are we building and what should we build for children, the elderly, the sick and other marginalised groups?

– How does the professional image of an architect change if the aim of the design is to care for the disadvantaged, community or building heritage?

Send your article or project proposal to not later than 9 January 2023. Deadline for articles is in early February. The issue is out 24 March.

BLOCK 3/23 Urban living, new housing areas, infill building
Send your article or project proposal not later than 27 February. Deadline for articles is in early April. The issue is out 19 May.

FOREST 4/23 Biodiversity, wooden construction, Reima Pietilä
Send your article or project proposal not later than 15 May. Deadline for articles is in June/July. The issue is out 22 September.

TUNE-UP 5/23 Reuse, repair, recycle
Send your article or project proposal not later than 28 August. Deadline for articles is in early October. The issue is out 17 November.


Projects, Design Proposals

Submissions of buildings and other architecture or design projects proposed for publication should include general information of the project, such as the name, location and a necessary amount of screen quality photographs or other material needed for communicating the core idea of the project. We mostly publish architectural and design projects in Finland and by Finland-based or Finnish designers abroad. However, international projects related to topical themes in architectural discourse may also be showcased in articles.


  • The intended scope, main idea, and focal questions of the text should be explained in the form of a short abstract or a list with the main points written out. When drafting proposals, it is recommended to also consider the announced, forthcoming themes. Full length texts and drafts are also accepted.
  • The magazine decides on the publication of proposed texts. All texts go through an editorial process.
  • We appreciate standard language and clear expression, contextualising the topics and critical thinking.
  • Texts can be written in English or in Finnish. All material chosen for publication will be translated and edited for publishing in both languages.
  • The magazine pays fees for published articles.


The magazine publishes both shorter and longer articles – with illustrations if needed. Longer articles can be based on research, or take a form of an essay or a review article. The length should be approximately between 10,000 and 12,000 characters (incl. spaces). Shorter articles can be, for instance, reviews, viewpoints or commentaries to an interesting topic, or interviews. The length should be between 4,000 and 8,000 characters (incl. spaces).

Project Review or Commentary

The magazine publishes commentaries and reviews on newly built and timely projects. The reviewed projects should be discussed in advance with the editorial staff. The proposed length is around 4,000 characters (incl. spaces).

Book or Exhibition Review

The reviewed books and exhibitions should be discussed in advance with the editorial staff. The proposed length is between 2,000 and 4,000 characters (incl. spaces).


Arkkitehti – Finnish Architectural Review is not responsible for materials sent without request.