Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy

This is why we carefully handle you personal data following the current legislation and directives. With EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entering into force in 25 May 2018, we have updated our privacy policies. We actively maintain and update our privacy policies. We are also happy to receive feedback.

This page contains a summary of the ways and reasons we collect information, and how the information is handled and kept. The information concerns the subscribers of Arkkitehti/Finnish Architectural Review, members of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), as well as the visitors to our websites. You can access the full privacy statement of the Finnish Architectural Review on this page (see below).

For readers of Finnish Architectural Review who are members of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), membership information is stored in SAFAs registry. The privacy statement for SAFA members is available on the association’s dedicated privacy policy webpage (see below). The magazine only uses members’ information necessary for mailing or invoicing purposes. The website and the digital archive of Arkkitehti / Finnish Architectural Review are located on servers operated by the website developer Dude Ltd.

When you become a digital or print subscriber, we save the information you provide. The information will solely be used for mailing and invoicing purposes, as well as potential the magazine’s surveys or messages aimed to our readership. We don’t share subscriber information with other parties. Print edition subscriber information is saved in the membership registry of the Finnish Association of Architects, whereas digital subscriptions data is stored on servers operated by the website developer Dude Ltd. for the purpose of operating and providing access to the Finnish Architectural Review website and digital archive.

We collect visitors’ browser data on our website with HTTP cookies. In practice, this means that for instance we are able to track how many different visitors each section of the website has received during a day. Visitor data is stored on servers operated by the website developer Dude Ltd. The Google Analytics tool is used to track and analyze the information (link to description). The tracked information and the analytics data is only available to the magazine’s professional staff who can access it with their secure credentials.

You have the right to change and update your information.

Privacy Statement for Arkkitehti / Finnish Architectural Review (link to SAFAs website)

SAFA’s Privacy Policy (link to SAFAs website)