Project Review

A Quarter of a Block

The Lumit Upper Secondary School is a welcome addition to Kuopio’s cityscape and school selection.

Project Review

A Switch in Time

A new hotel in the heart of Helsinki raises thoughts on the link between ideas and architecture.


In Memoriam: Juha Leiviskä (1936–2023) Was Both Expressive and Low Key in His Work

The passing of Juha Leiviskä is a loss to the culture of Finnish architecture but also to the world of architecture in general.


Are Suburbs Becoming More Urban?

The idea of a suburb as the opposite of the urban city centre is outdated, suggests a new book based on European examples.


Editorial 1/2024: In Need of Heart Surgery?

Recently, we have been reading a lot of news about the decline of city centres. Is the heart of the city permanently damaged, or would there be an effective remedy for the ailment?


The Neglected Facade

The importance of facades has been forgotten in modern architectural design, Randall Korman argues in The Architecture of the Facade.


Part of the Continuum – Interview with Peter Barber

Peter Barber’s residential buildings in London create continuity with the picturesque historic urban fabric, combining aesthetics and ethics in an original way.


Threat to Protected Buildings

Protected buildings should always be renovated preserving their distinctive features. Nowadays, more and more often, the proposed solution is demolition to make way for larger and more efficient spaces.