Project Review

Aviapolis District Searches for an Identity with the Help of a Small Pavilion

A workplace hub next to Helsinki Airport is gradually transforming into a walkable urban district. The area’s newest attraction is a small event pavilion with a mission larger than its size.


Revisit: The First Sign of Criticism

A Modernist manifesto emerged from the Finnish Architectural Review in the wake of the 1970s.


At the Cutting Edge of Wood Architecture

The collection of essays on wood architecture is an ideal fit with our fast-paced world, serving up a series of short pieces.


Framing Demolition, Framing Discussion

There are multiple possible futures for the 1960s and 70s buildings.


Editorial 4/2023: Master in the Forest

Reima Pietilä can be seen as a pioneer of a mindset that recognized nature's intrinsic value on par with that of humans, writes Kristo Vesikansa.


Rethinking 1970s Architecture

Besides the grey concrete carbuncles at housing estates across the length and breadth of Finland, the 1970s are also responsible for producing some far-sighted innovations within the construction sector.


What Are the Qualities of Inspiring Wood Architecture? Six Architects Share Their Dreams

What is currently the most interesting development trend in wood architecture? We asked architects who work with wood what kind of wood architecture they envision in the future.


Urban Forest – an Object of Conflict or Care?

Urban densification is often executed at the expense of urban woodlands, which the local residents do not always like, nor is it ecologically sustainable. Interwoven problems can be solved by expanding the sphere of care to the more than human worlds.