4 / 1994 - day-care centres

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

In this issue we present new day-care centres in the Helsinki region as well as the swimming baths in the Helsinki suburbs of Itäkeskus and Forssa. Also we review the 6th international Alvar Aalto symposium held this summer. In his article the composer Kalevi Aho discusses the ralation between art and a changing reality.

Featured projects
• Itäkeskus swimming baths/civic shelter, Helsinki, Seppo Häkli, Jukka Karhunen and Kati Salonen
Vesihelmi swimming baths, Forssa, Helin & Siitonen Architects
Toppelundin päiväkoti, Espoo, Käpy & Simo Paavilainen
Puuskakulma day-care centre, Helsinki, Suonto & Tapaninen Architects
• Hyrrä day-care centre, Naantali, Hintsanen & Peltonen Architects
• Koninkainen day-care centre, Espoo, Hannu Jaakkola Architects
• Laakakivi day-care centre, Espoo, Mika Penttinen and Jyrki Tiensuu

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