1 / 1991 - city planning

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

Housing policy has been the topic of keen political debate in Finland lately. High interest rates are mostly to blame for skyrocketing apartment prices. One of the usual accusations presented by developers is that there is not enough land to build on. The huge city planning projects presented in this issue witness to the opposite. 

Featured projects:
• Herttoniemi waterfront, Helsinki, Helsinki City Planning Department
• Viikki-Latokartano, Helsinki, Helsinki City Planning Department
• Kivikko, Helsinki, Helsinki City Planning Department
• Maikkula centre, Oulu‚  Studio Architects Oulu
• Vuosaari, Helsinki, Helsinki City Council, Vuosaari-Office
• Terästammi housing, Tampere, Studio 8 Architects

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