2 / 1991 - transport

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

Railway stations, metro stops and airports were new building types that emerged as expressions of the new transport technology. They had a revitalizing effect on architecture. Today's problems are the gigantic growth of traffic and the commercialization of public space. Stansted Airport and Stadelhofen railway station prove that there is still hope.

Sustainable development is on everyone's lips these days. But whenever words should be turned into acts, the ideological fervour evaporates into thin air. Sustainable development reguires radical social change, writes professor Erik Allart.

Featured projects:
• Stansted Airport, London, Sir Norman Foster
• Truck garage at Østfold goods depot, Norway, Jan Olav Jensen
• Three platform canopies, Oslo, Arne Henriksen
• Pasila railway station and commercial building, Helsinki, Jauhiainen–Nuuttila Architects
• Stadelhofen railway station, Zurich, Santiago Calatrava

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