4–5 / 1991 - working environments

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

The ecological problems of our world will certainly not be solved with an ecological architectural style. We should learn to grasp entities that are immense in terms of both time and area. We should solve problems on both global and microscopic scales. Is the exploitation of solar energy the only utopia we have today?

To have a job is a luxury these days. Is the Finnish workplace already too luxurious? Is this how we've blown up the price of our workforce to extremes? Or, does a civilized state have any choice other than build a humane working environment?

Featured projects:
• The Finnish Embassy, Washington D.C., Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen
• European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark, Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen
• Jaakko Pöyry group offices, Vantaa, Risto Marila
• Ekono/OTA IV, Espoo, Helin & Siitonen Architects
• Innopoli – Otaniemi technology centre main building, Espoo, Kaarina Löfström
• Brindfors Oy, Helsinki, Jyrki Yläoutinen Architects
• The Junno-Nukari studio, Helsinki, Kirmo Mikkola and Iiro Mikkola
• Roihupelto concrete mixing plant, Helsinki, Kai Wartiaimnen Architects
• Shell service station, Jämsä, Markus & Leena Aaltonen
• Hausjärvi health centre and old-people's home, Oitti, Studio 8 Architects
• Vellamonkodit housing, Tampere, Studio 8 Architects

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