6 / 1991 - restoration

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

The upkeep of old buildings is as acute a problem as ever. It is a good learning experience to look at the metamorphosis of national landmarks. The alternatives – conservation or adaptive reuse – have to be considered with extreme care. We publish accounts of the full-scale renovation of the Ateneum, the Finnish National Gallery, and the restoration of Helsinki University.

"The representational aspect of a non-representational painting is its relation to the space surrounding it, to the space, where it happens to be. the space gives the painting different meanings. One could say that the subject of my paintings is the relation between painting and space, what happens in-between." Timo Valjakka has interviewed painter Jussi Niva.

Featured projects:
• University of Helsinki main building renovation, Helsinki, Laiho–Pulkkinen–Raunio Architects
• Ateneum renovation and extension, Helsinki, Laiho–Pulkkinen–Raunio Architects
The Ministry for Trade and Industry office renovation, Helsinki, Nurmela–Raimoranta–Tasa
The Finnish Institute, Paris, Juhani Pallasmaa
Kallio library renovation, Helsinki, Pekka Manner

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