7–8 / 1991 - housing

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

Housing is a basic human need with strongly individual connotations. And yet only standard solutions are offered – whether for apartment buildings or single family houses. On this number we present todays minimum solutions. Most of them are constrained by the regulations of state subsidized housing, but some by the harsh living conditions of the homeless.

The faculty of architecture of Helsinki University of Technology was invited, as one of 43 schools of architecture from around the world to participate in the 1991 Venice Biennale. the school's contribution, Kaleidoscope – Nine Reflections of Reality, is a multivision installation designed and built by a team of nine fourth year students. It presents a space of images through which the students examine the reality around them.

Featured projects:
• Väinö Auerin katu and Gadolininkatu housing, Helsinki, Helin & Siitonen Architects
Kamppi triangle – urban design, Helsinki, A-Konsultit Architects
• Leppäsuo triangle study project, Helsinki, Eero Eskelinen
Honkasaarentie 13 housing, Kuopio, Arcadia
• HOAS 50 student housing, Helsinki, Pentti Piha
Lautatarhanpolku 1 housing, Kuhmoinen, Aarno Ruusuvuori Architects
Paciuksenkatu 4 housing, Helsinki, Helamaa & Pulkkinen Architects
Ahjo experimental plan, Kerava, Kai Wartiainen
Metsähannus housing, Sodankylä, Studio Architects Oulu

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