1 / 1990 - housing

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

How are changes in lifestyle and family structure reflected in apartment plans?  Some recent housing schemes and projects are presented on this issue. Old industrial buildings make good apartments, as well, two examples incluted.

Do an architect’s ideas and the facts of life ever meet in housing? Simo Rista photographed some of the Sofianlehdonkatu apartments for this issue.

An architectural design competition was held for the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. A team of five Finnish students of architecture got a special mention; we publish their entry and the winning scheme.

Featured buildings:
• Sofianlehdonkatu 10 housing, Helsinki, Kari Järvinen and Timo Airas
• Huuhkajankuja housing and Maunolanmäki day-care centre, Kuopio, Kari Järvinen, Mikko Airas and Mikko Aho
• Auroranlinna housing, Helsinki, Juha Leiviskä and Pekka Kivisalo
• Living machine I and the return of machine romanticism, Kai Wartiainen
• Renovation of Lapinniemi spinning mill, Tampere, Antti Katajamäki
•The M-loft, New York, Ayse Sulan Kolatan and William J. MacDonald

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