7 / 1990 - building protection

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

The scope of historic preservation ranges from reconstruction and restoration to new construction in an historical context. A clear contrast or, the other extreme, a fictive replica, complete adaption to the existing environment, are methods of contextualism. Lappeenranta school of music is on the threshold of a challenge: seeking a balance between the present and the past.

The hum of electronic information networks replaces the clamour of machines, blue collars fade into white. Only a few red brick structures remain to witness the past industrial glory of Tampere, 'Finland's answer to Manchester'. Views of Tampella and Finlayson factories on pages of this issue.

Featured projects:
• Naval barracks/Office building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helsinki, Erik Kråkström
• Lappeenranta Music Institute, Lappeenranta, Eric Adlercreutz and Hasse Hägerström

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