8 / 1990 - architecture of leisure

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of most of the articles.

Tampere, an industrial city, wants a more cultural image. Fans want to see and heard their favourite stars live. Tampere Hall, ”a modern inland ocean liner”, will probably be the last major concert hall build before the completion of the new Helsinki opera house in 1992 – or before the project Radio Symphony Orchestra concert hall is transferred from the suburbs to the centre of Helsinki.

The distance between the Baths of Caracalla and Ikaalinen spa is two millenia. Contemporary middle-class affluence has replaced the wealth of the Roman Empire as the social context. The architecture of leisure has become an entertainment in itself.

Featured projects:
• Tampere Hall, Tampere, Sakari Aartelo and Esa Piironen
• Ikaalinen Spa, Ikaalinen, Mika Penttinen and Jyrki Tiensuu
• Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, Jorma Teppo and Henry Metsi
• Buildings at Golf Talma, Sipoo, Kai Wartiainen

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