7–8 / 1976 - Alvar Aalto

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of some of the articles.

Alvar Aalto, a great figure in Finnish and international architecture, died in May 1976. The whole world mourned the passing of his genius, whose creative work spans more than half a century.

Alvar Aalto’s works of architecture and design are already familiar from numerous publications. Thus no detailed account of them was thought necessary here. This memorial issue has been compiled to show the huge variety of Aalto’s work and his relationship with the many aspects of life connected with architecture. The next text is made up of personal recollections from colleagues and friends, and some of the pictures are of Aalto’s lesser-known works.

The editors of the Finnish Architectural Review would like to thank all the people who helped to produce this issue, and particularly Alvar Aalto’s colleague and wife Elissa, whose kind assistance made their work so much easier at every stage of the publication process.

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