6 / 1968 - world planning

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of some of the articles. 

The World Design Science Decade 1965–75 is a ten year programme, initiated by R. Buckminster Fuller, head of the World Resources lnventory Center of Southern lllinois University (WRI), a proposal put forward at the 7th congress of the Architects lnternational Union, London 1961. WDSD is a programme suggesting that architectural and environmental design students throughout the world be encouraged by the UlA to spend the next 10 years studying ways of making the world work – the perpetual problem of how to make total world resources, which now serve only 44 %, serve 100 % of the population through competent scientific design and anticipatory planning.

The WDSD programme, coordinated by the WRI, is at the moment being followed in 26 countries and has been introduced into the curriculum of many architectural schools.

This issue of the Finnish Architectural Review, the theme of which has been handled by a separate team in cooperation with the WRI, aims to present a current global report, based on the WDSD programme, of the world ecological, social, nutrition and health situation, which provides the point of departure for all global planning. 

Featured projects:
• Mobile reindeer slaughterhouse, Marja Heikkilä, Heikki Koivikko, Markus Lindroos, Matti Lummaa, Esko Miettinen, Käpy Petäjä, Maisa and Olli Siirala
Container clinic, Olli P. Heinonen and Arno Savela

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