8 / 1968 - training of architects

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of some of the articles.

The last issue of the Review on architectural training, in 1966, was the joint production of teachers at the Helsinki Technical University Department of Architecture and the editors. This time the aim was to examine training from the students' viewpoint. The Study Committee of the University's Architectural Students' Guild was asked to share the work of editing the issue, and formed a special Editorial Committee for this purpose.

At the same time, the student revolution, an event which shook Western civilization to its roots, gave the work, which took over a year, an added dimension. The central motives of the student revolt – the undemocratic character of the teaching machine, the irrelevance of the aims of teaching to the needs of society and the out-dated teaching methods – have left their mark in Finland, too, though not with such force as in older European countries. Certain fundamental features of our planning practice, primarily open architectural competitions and the important part played by architectural students in planning, make a good basis for democratization of the student-teacher relationship in our schools of architecture.

This issue on training has the strong flavour of social criticism – it has grown into an intellectual barricade around which debate on the goals of the profession at present rages. As such, it is to be hoped that it will prove an effective sounding board for the next Association of Finnish Architects conference, the theme of which is to be the same  – the training of architects.

10. 2.1969 KM

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