4 / 1966 - the institute of technology

The issue is published in Finnish with English summaries of some of the articles.

"The general plan of Otaniemi represents the result of a competition mainly founded upon the choice of a suitable area and arrangements in principle previously decided upon under the leadership of Professor Otto-I. Meurman.

For realisation, the planning tasks for the various buildings were not given to the respective architects immediately, but as they became topical: the main building of the Institute, along with some laboratory units, was entrusted to the undersigned.

The main building of the Institute has been placed on a central hill which dominates the area: it was here that there stood the main building of the estate to which the fields at one time belonged. A part of the small park adjoining the estate could be utilised as accompanying surroundings to the main building of the Institute.

My solution in principle with a view to town planning is based upon a division of the Institute from the aspect of traffic into two sides for different purposes, so that one side is dominated by motor traffic, while the other is completely dependent upon pedestrian traffic to the terrace-like park and garden which links the main buildling to the students' residential area opposite. At the present stage of constructing the main building, there is still lacking the library of the Institute: this is currently under planning.

The main architectonic idea of the Institute, and its dominating part, is constituted by the group of large lecture halls, shaped as semi-ampitheatres, and in which the roof construction follows the rising rhythm in the arrangement of seating accommodation. The halls have indirect sunlight, the series of windows also creating on exterior theatrical increase in height: moreover, this is principal motive for the central square of the campus, which will automatically become the place where the students gather. Towards this central square, the high point of the terrace-formed park system, there faces the administrative section of the Institute; this is also the appropriate place for the student's open-air meetings, speeches by the Vice-Chancellor, and so on."

Alvar Aalto

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