5 / 2019 - Ecology

Land use and construction consume large amounts of natural resources and energy, directly and indirectly causing a lion's share of the emissions and waste. What kind of changes this should prompt in architecture, if we aim for a more sustainable future?

The issue focusses on different dimensions of and viewpoints to ecology and being ecological in a time when we need to reexamine the mankind’s relationship with other species and the environment. For Maiju Suomi, Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi’s works provide inspiration – sustainable architecture can be technically inventive whilst making full use of its aesthetic potential. Lars-Erik Mattila prompts architects to understand their responsibiltiies regarding sustainability. Daniel Falck argues that stormwaters are not only part of ecological systems, but their management can also produce meaningful places for citizens. Matti Kuittinen, recently appointed Professor of Resource-Efficient Construction and Environmental Impacts at Aalto University, shares his viewpoints on the current ecological approaches in the field. House Kissankäpälä is one of the first single-family houses with natural stack ventilation in the Helsinki metropolitan area that was built after the new Finnish energy regulations came into effect. Iris Andersson interviews the owner Heli Nikunen. Columns are written by Eeva Berglund and Maria Smith

The featured projects deal with ecological matters through renovating and forming different relationships with nature. Swimming pavilion and jetty in Tuusula and Lammassaari recreational path attempt to bring nature closer to urbanites. In summer house Villa Villilä, living is entangled with natural processes and its impacts are minimised on some levels. The renovation of University of Jyväskylä main building preserves the architecture also for future student generations.


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