2 / 2012 - small scale, Paulo David

New architectural ideas are usually exhibited in small houses. The summer cottage of the young architect Sofia de Vocht with its dormitory shed resembles a small village inhabiting multiple families. The lakeside sauna of the Kilden concert house’s architect Juho Grönholm is a collage of oiled hardwood, white sailcloth, welt sheet steel, black and white plywood. There is no need to leave the city in order to enjoy the summer close to nature. Verstas Architects Jussi and Riina Palva’s gable-roofed garden hut is the precursor of urban cottage life. The issue introduces a total of ten small buildings.

A gazebo is a toy for adults. Visual artist and author Hannu Väisänen reflects on gazebo culture and various care-free states. The magazine also presents the art pavilion La Folie designed by Väisänen in cooperation with architect Hannele Grönlund. Architect Jouni Kaipia made a pilgrimage to the villages of the Dogon tribe in Mali and found similar aspirations to a good life from different parts of the world. “Aristotle, Buddha and Tove Jansson – and the Dogon people in their own way – all warn us about the extremes; the middle of the road leads to the destination, and even if it did not, each and everyone of us can find a cozy little burrow somewhere along the road for a beautiful life.” The ball chair designed by Eero Aarnio 50 years ago is the modern classic of furniture. In the interview, the 80-year-old designer tells us, for instance, about the chair’s birth story. The Portuguese Paulo David was awarded with the respected Alvar Aalto medal. The architect living in Madeira sheds light on his work methods and values. The magazine introduces David’s elegant buildings designed with the terms set by the landscape.


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