5 / 2011 - atmosphere, Helsinki Music Center

Distinguished musicians discuss architecture. Composer Eero Hämeenniemi writes in his essay about the different ways of listening to music and the different spaces starting from the 17th century all the way to the Helsinki Music Centre. Leading conductor Sakari Oramo continues talking about the Music Centre by saying that each new performance in the hall is a kind of premiere in Helsinki. Conductor John Storgårds tells us how the halls with outstanding musical sound inspire the orchestra’s work immensely. Foreign critics evaluate the architecture of the Music Centre and its architects Marko Kivistö and Ola Laiho share their insights. Another new concert hall introduced in the magazine is Korundi in Rovaniemi. The magazine also publishes an article from Korundi’s designer Juhani Pallasmaa focusing on the experience of art and environment as an atmosphere.

One of the masters of contemporary architecture, the American Steven Holl talks in his long interview about his new work, his operations in China and the Nordic atmosphere that he has found so pleasant. The designer of Kiasma reminisces about the different phases of the museum’s construction and says that the project was a turning point in his life. In past decades, the Töölönlahti Bay area has evolved into the most important public space in independent Finland. Different generations of architects evaluate the current state and offer criticism. The head office catastrophe by the rail tracks is alleviated a little with the recent decision to build the Central Library.

Näköislehti: Site Logic