4 / 2011 - housing genres

Finn’s homes are still uniform regarding their space solutions, although diversity has recently been more sought after. City researcher and sociologist Pasi Mäenpää says that new possibilities are offered by, for instance, small urban residential buildings, neo-lofts, group construction, open construction, user-based approach and batch customisation. According to him, living should not be constrained inside four walls but, instead, it should be opened to the urban space. Professor of urban planning Markku Hedman talks about eco-humane architecture, about widening the scope of accessibility to reachability and about paying attention to multiculturalism. The impact of growing multiculturalism on residential design has been recently researched in Finland, too. A customisable apartment is evolving into a key aspect.

The ecological pair houses designed by Karin Krokfors have been group constructed. The space solutions in the apartments are flexible and enable the adjustment of the apartments into smaller or larger without additional work. The inhabitants of the neo-loft residential building designed by Pia Ilonen in Arabianranta have the opportunity to transform the initial space solutions according to their own taste.


architects Pia Ilonen, Sami Vikström
address Posliinikatu 3, Helsinki
gross area 4359 + 1781 m2
completion 2011

comments Pia Ilonen, Simo Puintila, Katri Haahti, Maria Isotupa, Jan Tromp

Näköislehti: Site Logic