1 / 2011 - ethics

Peter Zumthor does not succumb to the economic laws of the attention seeking society. In his wide-ranging interview, the Swiss architect says he does not design houses for people only because they pay well but, instead, he selects his projects according to strict work ethics. To a question on social influence he responds by saying that he is politically conscious but still only an architect: “I create buildings, I can’t change the world.”

In the magazine, Finnish architects discuss the difference between right and wrong. A designer is always working in the cross-fire of diverse interest groups. Ethics sprouts in various directions. According to a student of architecture, an architect who has lost idealism is as useless to society as an opportunistic politician.

For over 40 years, the Temppeliaukio church has been popular among the public but the unique rock church has not received the reverence of experts. Only as recently as in this century, has the church received acknowledgement.  The designer of the church, Timo Suomalainen, writes in his column that it is always problematic to evaluate artistic accomplishments.

One’s own home is the place where the connection to architecture is the closest. The issue exhibits home living from start to finish, from a student dormitory to apartments and one-family houses and finally to nursing homes.


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