3 / 2011 - contemporary phenomena

Consumerism, branding, unifying, compressing, the fallows, polished conceptions and landmarks are all exhibited in contemporary urban planning. Professor Staffan Lodenius reviews urban planning phenomena and successes in Kuopio, Vaasa, Pori, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Järvenpää, Lohja and Vantaa. The new fire safety requirements from spring 2011 facilitate wooden construction. In Kouvola, the new wooden apartment buildings sought their form in a competition that was won by the Danish BIG and the multinational Arup. The article about wooden construction also reviews the large wooden office building Pilke constructed in Rovaniemi

A building is seldom granted the privilege of playing the main role in a film. Director and photographer Rax Rinnekangas has created a series of films about five one-family houses located in different parts of the world which are modern architecture classics. The Finnish education system raises global interest. Learning environments are inspiring design locations and school architecture often manifests emancipation. NRT’s Teemu Tuomi has designed the Paja building in the University of Applied Sciences in Kymenlaakso, which adapts to the old barrack quarters but with an entrance pavilion that is like a piece of jewellery. The young Verstas Architects office has designed the curved red-brick Kirkkojärvi school in Espoo.


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