2 / 2010 - urban planning, Newly Drawn

Aalto University’s Professor Trevor Harris evaluated the development of Finnish urban planning in his diary of an uncured urban romantic. He wants to stop the liturgical mantra of sustainable development and discuss smart construction. Instead of fast planning the focus should be on slow architecture. According to Doctor of Technology Anssi Joutsiniemi, cars should be better taken into consideration in urban planning instead of cramming them in the passageways running through the cities. Architect Meri Louekari sheds light on the new city ideas in Hamburg’s dock area and compares it to Helsinki.

The Newly Drawn syndicate comprised of nine young offices has produced an international tour exhibition on their work and published a book. Four of the syndicate’s architects are interviewed. Mikko Summanen (K2S), Vesa Oiva (Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit), Ilkka Salminen (Verstas) and Juha Salmenperä (AFKS) tell us what the new generation wants and where our architecture is heading. The Stockholm-based Rasmus Wærn reviews the Newly Drawn book. He says that this is the most heterogeneous generation of architects that has ever existed.


architect Arkkitehdit Frontelius+Keppo+Salmenperä / Jari Frontelius, Jaakko Keppo, Juha Salmenperä
address Porarinkatu 9, Espoo
gross area 1 060 m2
completion 2009

review Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Näköislehti: Site Logic