3 / 2010 - colour

Why does Finnish architecture avoid colours? White simplicity has traditionally been justified by the Nordic light and many other interpretations. The visual artist and researcher of colour Harald Arnkil writes about the diverse possibilities that colours entail and explains the most recent research. The trend of colours has started to show in our architecture as well. The magazine introduces four locations with strong colours.

Art historian and culture reporter Jonni Roos tracks down the interaction between architecture and visual arts and reviews the “Life on a Leaf” house designed by visual artist Jan-Erik Andersson and architect Erkki Pitkäranta. In addition, the magazine exhibits the contemporary artwork of the Tyrvää church made by Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala, Martti Aiha’s environmental art and the Estonian architect and visual artist Leonhard Lapin, who has worked persistently ignoring boundaries.  

Juulia Kauste, who has just been appointed the Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, reveals her thoughts and the museum’s policies in an interview.


architect Käpy ja Simo Paavilainen Architects / Käpy Paavilainen, Simo Paavilainen, Ari Ahonen
address Gästersjöntie 227, Tammisaari
gross area 40 m2
completion 2007

interview with Käpy ja Simo Paavilainen
interviewer Jorma Mukala

Näköislehti: Site Logic