4 / 2010 - matter and spirit

Finnish architecture has not been awarded with the Prizker prize yet but the prizes still have surprising connections to Finland. The American Professor Peter MacKeith sheds light on this and other topics. In his article on sustainable construction, Harri Hautajärvi demands a new direction for architecture and draws new policies. Juha Ilonen reviews the most recent literature on sustainable construction and criticises the attitudes in architecture. It also becomes evident that the information on sustainable construction contains contradictions.

Anssi Lassila and Teemu Hirvilammi have designed an interesting church in Jyväskylä’s Kuokkala. The architecture reminds us of our medieval churches but with a fresh 2010s expression. In addition, the magazine introduces the new work of academic Juha Leiviskä, Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan in Helsinki, continuing his eloquent and bright style. The architects reveal their thoughts in the interviews.

One of the few women among global top-architects, Zada Hadid, has brought the Maxxi museum to Rome. How do the architects of the ever-lasting city react to the novelty of the 21st century? “The spring fashion in architecture is usually followed by a penance,” says Matti K. Mäkinen in his article about the optimistic dreams of the future in the 1960s. No one dreams of a circle of fear but the society creates these, too. Hilla Koskela’s research Pelkokierre (spiral of fear) and Maarit Verronen’s novel Karsintavaihe (elimination phase) introduce a safety consensus promoting isolation into the discussion.  Urban planning fosters the categorisation of people into us and them – the decent and the scary.


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