6 / 2010 - paper tigers

A major part of architects’ work remains invisible. But not all unrealised plans – the paper tigers – disappear into the shadows of history. The magazine introduces nine plans from the 21st century that will never be constructed. Architect Antti Nousjoki writes about the skyscraper proposal produced by Viljo Revell’s office in 1962. He also reviews the Finnish skyscrapers from the tower of Neste to Daniel Libeskind’s plans for Tampere.

The magazine also introduces one competition proposal that has been constructed. The young architects Anu Puustinen and Ville Hara behind the St Lawrence chapel in Vantaa reveal their thoughts about their work. “The space should support feelings and give comfort.”

Tarja Nurmi’s report on the current state of domestic architecture reveals the major successes of past years and criticises the negative aspects of our times. Student Ville Riikonen says that Finnish architects have insufficient understanding of the impact their work has on the everyday life of people. Tapani Launis writes about international development that the Finns participate in to the fullest. According to him, architecture has countless possibilities.


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