ALA Architects, Dipoli renovation, 2017. © Tuomas Uusheimo

Latest issue 5 / 2017 - pietilä, dipoli, rcr

"It is possible to simultaneously set roots in a specific place and still remain open to the world," says architect Carme Pigem in her interview. She also talks about nature, beauty, ecological sustainability and spaces that speak to everyone. Pigem works at RCR Arquitectes, which received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2017. The list of projects by this office, based in a small town in Catalonia, proves that architecture need not bend into uniformity under the pressure of today’s globalism, as has been the case, for example, with entertainment culture. In his column, the Beijing-based architect Zhang Ke, the recipient of this year’s Alvar Aalto Medal, makes a clear distinction between commercial and spiritual architecture. Crossing over boundaries is the theme of this issue. The articles discuss present and recent history, Finland and Japan, Le Corbusier and China.


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