3/2009 ornament, repairing, Aalto

editorial | Repair kit – with ornaments as an optional extra
Jorma Mukala

Ornament returns to the scene of the crime
Jonni Roos

The skill of conserving architecture
Tommi Lindh, Pekka Lehtinen

Place and history
Matti Klinge

Reconstruction and restoration of Porvoo Cathedral
Ulla Rahola

Paimio hospital – repairs and modifications

Loft G, Helsinki
ALA Architects

Renovation and extension of the Madetoja service home for eldery, Helsinki
Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala Architects

Office building renovation, Helsinki

speaker's corner | Change at any cost?
Vilhelm Helander

arena | Discourse on the value of concrete architecture
Harri Hagan, Elisa Heikkilä, Riitta Salastie, Aimo Nissi

arena | Mediaeval building technology – The roof structure of Sipoo Old Church
Marko Huttunen

arena | Images of deserted buildings
Hella Hernberg


déjà-vu | Alvar Aalto – Architectural competition for the Zagreb hospital 1931
Esa Laaksonen


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