6/2013 urbanism, new centres

editorial | The building of a city never ends
Jorma Mukala

The conflicts of the new centres
Paula Holmila

Tapiola, Espoo

Otaniemi, Espoo

Keilaniemi, Espoo

Keski-Pasila, Helsinki

perspective | The litmus test of urbanness
Panu Lehtovuori

perspective | Return of Saarinen
Kimmo Lapintie

perspective | Do we need monuments?
Lauri Jääskeläinen

perspective | Our highness
Vesa Humalisto

perspective | Gone with the wind
Jukka Heikkinen

perspective | Landmarks and lighthouses
Heikki Kastemaa

perspective | A living urban sketch
Hüseyin Yanar

perspective | In southern Germany
Olli Lehtovuori

perspective | After the disaster
Emma-Liisa Hannula

perspective | Urban clinic
Jussi Vuori

perspective | What is the future city?
Esa Laaksonen

déjà-vu | Aarne Ervi – Tapiola centre, Espoo 1954–61
Timo Tuomi


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