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ORTRAUM architects

Architect Martin Lukasczyk 
Location Helsinki
Gross Area 72 m2
Completion 2020

Designer’s Comment – Martin Lukasczyk: The two-storey artist studio “12” was planned as an addition to an existing 150 m2 home built in the 1960s located on the edge of Jollas, a suburban peninsula in Helsinki. The downstairs features a ceramics studio, the upstairs a music composing studio. The plan needed to be flexible enough to function additionally as a guest house and future home for one of the two children in the family, so bathroom and kitchen spaces were included.

The main entrance is located on the courtyard garden side, facing the existing home, sheltered by the cantilevered second floor volume. The large glass doors of the ceramics studio open towards the same direction. A modest-sized bathroom is accessed from the workshop, located below the stairs. The upstairs room has an irregular shape, maximising the air volume, and avoiding parallel walls to generate the desired acoustical properties for the composer’s music studio. From here, two large windows open towards the forest and to a small balcony towards the garden. The play with stacked volumes reflects the two functions, and creates a dynamic sculptural architecture, revealing a different character from each direction.

The building was installed within one day on top of the existing concrete foundation of an old garage. The entire structure is built from 280 mm thick massive CLT, exposed on the interior and exterior, with all technical installations fully integrated, even the sound diffusers for the music studio. The element joint details were developed so that the structures are weatherproof, and to enable smooth assembly. ↙

Photos Marc Goodwin