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Arkkitehti – an observer of contemporary architecture

Arkkitehti is the only cultural magazine of its kind in Finland. The built environment, comprising our houses, streets and parks, is an essential part of our heritage and cultural evolution. The magazine takes a varied and critical look at the built environment, with topics ranging from planning to holiday homes, from aesthetics to sustainable construction, and from architectural history to cutting edge design trends. Regular content includes interviews with Finnish and international architects. From its early 20th century inception, the magazine has focused on featuring interesting new buildings, through which the latest trends in Finnish architecture, as well as its evolution, can be observed.

Arkkitehti is published six times per year and comprises 80–100 pages. Each issue is built around a different overarching theme, such as “tall buildings” (4/2012) or “architectural criticism” (1/2013). All content appears in both Finnish and English. Architectural Competitions in Finland is published as a supplement to the magazine.


From 1903 onwards

Past issues of Arkkitehti reflect both architectural paradigm shifts as well as broader changes in Finnish society. The magazine's inception coincides with the emergence of Finnish nationalism, with the first issue appearing in 1903, some 14 years before Finnish independence. The idea for an architectural journal was first mooted by Arkitektklubben, the predecessor of the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). The magazine initially appeared in Swedish, under the title of Arkitekten, but has been published in Finnish since 1921. Since 1927, it has been published by SAFA.

Digitized issues of Arkitekten 1903-1929 and Arkkitehti from 1921-1929 can be freely accessed in the Finnish National Library's digital collections. Digitized issues of Arkkitehti from 1930-1944 are available at Finnish legal deposit libraries. Issues from 1960 onwards are currently available at the magazine's digital archive.

Throughout its decades-long history, Arkkitehti has witnessed the changes undergone by Finnish society, as reflected in the country's built heritage. New architectural landmarks and everyday living spaces alike have been covered, and debated, across its pages. The journal has explored the works and design philosophies of key names from across different periods of Finnish architecture, including Lars Sonck, Eliel Saarinen, J. S. Sirén, Erik Bryggman, Alvar Aalto, Viljo Revell, Aarne Ervi, Aarno Ruusuvuori, Reima Pietilä, Timo Penttilä, Juha Leiviskä and Kristian Gullichsen.

Arkkitehti has always prided itself on its international scope. The wide ranging professional interests of Saarinen and Aalto, and their vast contact networks both in Finland and further afield, paved the path for a more open and international approach for the publication. The magazine partakes in the international architectural debate and covers a range of interesting design phenomena. While the magazine retains a firm focus on Finnish architecture, it recognises that good design knows no borders.



2018-            Mika Savela
2009–2017  Jorma Mukala
2000–2008  Harri Hautajärvi
1996–1999  Esa Laaksonen
1992–1995  Pentti Kareoja
1988–1992  Kaarin Taipale
1981–1988  Marja-Riitta Norri
1977–1980  Markku Komonen
1972–1977  Jussi Vepsäläinen
1971              Esko Lehesmaa
1969–1970  Tapani Eskola
1967–1968  Kirmo Mikkola
1960–1966  Pekka Laurila
1958–1959  Nils-Erik Wickberg
1956–1957  Aarno Ruusuvuori
1952–1956  Nils-Erik Wickberg
1950–1951  Veikko Larkas
1946–1949  Nils-Erik Wickberg
1941–1945  Aulis Blomstedt
1937–1940  Yrjö Lindegren
1935–1936  Yrjö Laine
1931–1934  Hilding Ekelund
1928–1930  Martti Välikangas
1921–1927  Carolus Lindberg
1917–1919  Alarik Tawaststjerna
1912–1916  Birger Brunila
1908–1911  Sigurd Frosterus
1906–1907  Waldemar Wilenius
1903–1905  Birger Brunila

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