Privacy Policy and Personal Data File Description

Description of the personal data file concerning the user register of the website maintained by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) in accordance with section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Controller

The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)

2. Person in charge of the personal data file

Publications Assistant, tel. +358 (0)9 5844 4221, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Malminkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

3. Name of the personal data file

User and subscriber register for the website

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The information collected in the personal data file is used to enable and develop the functions of the website. This includes the following, among other things:

  • Invoicing for the use of the service and contacting users in problem situations
  • Monitoring adherence to the terms of use of the service
  • Investigating service use statistics and developing the service
  • Marketing and providing information to the readers of
  • Updating information in SAFA's membership and customer registers, if the same users are listed in both registers. The users' contact details will not be updated without their permission or a confirmation of the accuracy of the information. The information contained within the registers is not compared regularly, and users are responsible for ensuring that their information is up to date in both registers.
  • Other statutory obligations

5. Content of the personal data file

The following details are stored on the users who have registered for the website:

  • Username, password and other identifiers specific to the user
  • Name, contact details and language of communication
  • Time of registration, times of logging into the service and IP addresses
  • Information on how many times the password has been changed and when
  • Information on the purchases made on the service and the purchase dates

The information is stored for the duration of the customer relationship and up to five (5) years after the end of the customer relationship, in case the customer relationship is recommenced at a later date. However, invoicing information is stored in accounting registers in the manner required by accounting regulations.

No sensitive personal data referred to in section 11 of the Finnish Personal Data Act is collected in the personal data file.

6. Regular sources of data

The information is provided by the customer.

7. Regular destinations of disclosed data

The information will not be disclosed to third parties outside of SAFA, with the exception of the following parties:

  • Oy Site Logic Ab, the party responsible for the technical implementation of the service, is entitled to read the personal data file for service maintenance purposes. In addition, the technical development of the service can be assigned to a third party either in whole or in part, in which case the party shall receive the right to read the personal data file for the purpose of the work.
  • Information stored in the personal data file can be disclosed to third parties for research purposes.

The information stored in the personal data file will not be transferred to countries outside the EU or EEA. However, the email correspondence referred to in section 9 below may be routed via servers that are located outside the EU or EEA, depending on the service provider.

8. Removal of information

Information may be removed from the personal data file at the request of the user or after the customer relationship has ended. In addition, information may also have to be removed if the user violates the terms of use of the service.

9. Principles of securing the personal data file

The personal data will be stored confidentially. The personal data file is located on a server that is protected by a firewall and other technical procedures. Security updates released for the software used in the personal data file are always installed promptly.

Communication with the user mainly takes place by email, but no sensitive personal data or a copy of the entire personal data file will be transmitted by email without additional security precautions.

Date of the personal data file description: October 23rd 2018

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