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Arkkitehti – Finnish Architectural Review publishes topical and timely takes on architecture, urban design, planning and other related fields, with content ranging from essays to commentaries, project reviews and articles as well as book and exhibition reviews. The magazine also showcases novel and interesting architecture and design projects and research. Arkkitehti follows global discourse with focus on the Finnish context.

Article and project proposals can be submitted throughout the year, but in drafting the proposals it is recommended to consider the announced, forthcoming themes. (Updated 13rd Decemeber 2018)

Forthcoming themes and submission deadlines:


The global trend of urbanisation continues also in Finland. Cities experiencing most growth are engaging in extensive redevelopment projects with vast implications to the environment. New urban initiatives have brought the concepts of high-rise building, centralisation of services, infill building and densification into the spotlight. Finnish urban architecture is in flux, and at the same time lively urban culture and diverse urban ways of living are affecting even larger proportion of the population.

What kind of questions, surveys and reviews should be brought up in relation these issues? What is happening in suburbs, small towns, in declining and shrinking cities or, on the other hand, in regions with intense growth? What are the main urban-scale challenges and possible strategies? What are the aims of the design and planning of regions, districts, city blocks, or buildings? What has been successful, what hasn’t? What kind of ongoing urban projects can be found in different scales? What is the new urban architecture like?

Article or project proposals to the theme issue should be submitted by 6 January 2019.


Teaching of architecture, architectural education, spaces. Knowledge and expertise. More information coming later.

Article or project proposals to the theme issue should be submitted by the end of February 2019.


What does it mean today for our living environment to be of high-quality, interesting and flexible? More information coming later. 

Article or project proposals to the theme issue should be submitted by the end of April 2019.



> Buildings and other architecture or design projects proposed for publication can be submitted to ark(a) for consideration. Submissions should include general information of the project, such as the name, location and a necessary amount of screen quality photographs or other material needed for communicating the core idea of the project.


> Text proposals should be submitted to ark(a) The intended scope, main idea, and focal questions should be explained in the form of a short abstract or a list with the main points written out. When drafting proposals, it is recommended to also consider the announced, forthcoming themes.

> The magazine decides on the publication of proposed texts. All texts go through an editorial process.

> We appreciate standard language and clear expression, contextualising the topics and critical thinking.

> Texts can be written in English or in Finnish. All material chosen for publication will be translated and edited for publishing in both languages.

> References in text, if necessary, should be formatted as endnotes. All references to textual sources should include the name of the author, the title of a book or an article, publication year, publisher and location, and, in case of direct quotation, the page(s) where the original citation appears. In a case of an edited book or journal, also include the name of the editor, the title of the book and pages where the referenced article is located. Referencing other sources can follow similar formatting.

> The magazine pays fees for published contributions.


The magazine publishes both shorter and longer articles – with illustrations if needed. Longer articles can be based on research, or take a form of an essay or a review article. The length should be approximately between 10,000 and 12,000 characters (incl. spaces). Shorter articles can be, for instance, reviews, viewpoints or commentaries to an interesting topic, or interviews. The length should be between 4,000 and 8,000 characters (incl. spaces).

Project commentary

The magazine publishes commentaries and reviews on newly built and timely projects. The reviewed projects should be discussed in advance with the editorial staff. The proposed length is around 4,000 characters (incl. spaces).

Book or exhibition review

The reviewed books and exhibitions should be discussed in advance with the editorial staff. The proposed length is between 2,000 and 4,000 characters (incl. spaces).


In offering other materials for publishing, such as photographs or visual and digital content, please contact the editorial staff (ark(a) 

Arkkitehti – Finnish Architectural Review is not responsible for materials sent without request.

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