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Villa Tykkyrinne Ski Lodge

Heikki Vänttilä

Architect Heikki Vänttilä
Location Iso-Syöte, Pudasjärvi National Park
Gross Area 221 m2
Completion 2019

Designer’s comment – Heikki Vänttilä: The rocky landscape and the view stretching all the way to the neighbouring fell were the premises for the design of a holiday home on a plot in Iso-Syöte, just next to a ski slope. Timber logs often used in holiday homes were not going to be used as the main building material because the client wanted a bolder design. The roof has a strong shape, giving the building its character.

The superb view was exploited with large windows. The living room is the most central room in the interior, so the view from there is especially important. There was no wish to obstruct the view through the large corner window in the living room with pillars, so the pillar was indented. Now the heavy roof appears to hover lightly in the air. As a counterbalance to the strong forms, however, the materials are simple. The same wood has been used both indoors and outdoors.

What almost all of the single-family houses that I have designed have in common are large windows and the area of glass being as large as possible. I feel the connection between dwelling and nature is important, and the views are one way to create this connection. ↙

Photos Studio Timo Heikkala