Published in 3/2020 - Craft


House L3

Sigge Architects

Architect Pekka Mäki
Location Southwest Finland
Gross Area 220 m2
Completion 2019

Designer’s Comment – Pekka Mäki: A modern and clean-lined house, but one that also acknowledges the surrounding nature, was sought for an island property. The client’s wish was to achieve not only an interesting appearance, but also a comfortable home that offers a natural marriage of everyday and holiday living. It was important to the client to obtain a simple and streamlined structure that would also age gracefully. 

The building consists of a ground-level base that houses the more private rooms. The utility services and storage rooms are located in the basement. The second floor is a completely open-plan living and dining space, encased in copper and affording spectacular views. In addition to the pre-oxidised copper cladding, the exterior incorporates larch battening to introduce architectural detail and create a warm ambiance. The interior was finished in fair-faced concrete and whitewashed ash. An appreciation of the properties of the materials was essential in the design, and traditional craftsmanship was prominent in the implementation – the carpentry was first-class throughout, producing a polished and well-balanced end result. ↙

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