4/2021 Housing

Editorial | From Small Dwellings to Microflats
Kristo Vesikansa

The Rise of Solo Living
Anne Tervo

Design Work Begins without Drawing a Single Line
Johanna Lilius

Essay | The Call of Home
Iris Andersson

On the Drawing Board | Four Perspectives on Sustainable Housing Construction
Antti Lehto


Harkko Housing
ILO architects

Interview | Architect's and developer's viewpoint

Sompasaari Block
Anttinen Oiva Architects

Commentary | Squares and Slices
Kristo Vesikansa

Kaarlo Sarkian katu Housing

Arvio | A Little Bit of Berlin
Tarja Nurmi

Munkkiniemen Kone

Commentary | From Corporation Landmark to Housing
Jonas Malmberg

Interview | Architects' Viewpoint

Photo Column | The Image of Home
Tuomas Uusheimo

Residencies as Spatial Practice
Kaisa Karvinen, Tommi Vasko, Luke Jones, Chris Burman, Martin Born

Column | Is Housing Fair Finland Falling Behind the Times?
Anna-Maija Ylimaula


Sofie Pelsmakers & Nick Newman (eds.): Design Studio Vol. 1. Everything Needs to Change. Architecture and the Climate Emergency. (Havu Järvelä)

Architectures of Transition. Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden (Mikael Andersson)



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