1/2021 Crisis

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic serves to remind us that an unexpected crisis has the power to put us on a completely different course from what we had been expecting. In addition to that, we are currently dealing with advancing climate crisis and many other crises, all of which have effects on architecture.

The articles in the issue bring forth the diversity of crises and their consequences. The Covid-19 pandemic has limited access to urban space but, at the same time, social activism and new forms of spatial occupation have emerged. Sara Kärpänen interviewed three experts on the subject. The editors of the soon-to-be-published pamphlet Kenen kaupunki? discuss the sore spots of city planning in Helsinki, while researchers from Tampere University and Aalto University propose some ideas and concepts for designing a more resilient built environment that can help prevent future crises from unfolding.

The issue also presents a series of designs from the past year. Could they offer some indications of where we might be headed and what the post-pandemic built environment will look like? The buildings featured in the issue all represent high-quality everyday architecture. Thoughtfully conceived kindergartens, educational buildings, homes and supported living facilities remind us of architecture’s most fundamental purpose; providing shelter when the familiar settings in which we spend our lives suddenly start to seem frightening, dangerous even.


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Editorial | Architecture at Year One
Kristo Vesikansa

Crises Never Come Alone
Sofie Pelsmakers, Jenni Poutanen, Sini Saarimaa, Katja Maununaho, Saija Toivonen

Revolution of Public Space
Sara Kärpänen

Guidelines for Reconstruction
Laura Berger

Designing the Future in Pandemic Times

On the Drawing Board | Freedom versus Safety
Kirsti Sivén, Asko Takala

Who Has a Right to the City?
Kristo Vesikansa


→ Lauttasaari Daycare Centre
Luutonen Architects

Interview | Safely Tucked from the Urban Realm

Sigge Architects

Interview | Light Encounters

→ Bredanportti Apartment Block
Playa Architects

Review | The Little Prince of Koivuhovi
Sanna Meriläinen

→ Puistonmäki Eldercare Home
Studio Puisto Architects

Interview | Frames for Meaningful Daily Life

Revisit | The Ruoholahti Canal
Kristo Vesikansa


Book | Mikko Laaksonen: Concrete Modernism in Finland. Pekka Pitkänen 1927–2018 (Petteri Kummala)

Photo column | 20.3.2020
Tuomas Uusheimo



Sofie Pelsmakers, Jenni Poutanen, Sini Saarimaa, Katja Maununaho, Saija Toivonen

Luutonen Architects