4/2020 Empathy

At its simplest, empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing, yet at the same time, it is embedded in structures, principles and attitudes within society and the field of architecture. How do architects and architecture form their relationship to the surrounding world and users of their buildings?

In the issue, Henrik Ilvesmäki sheds light on different definitions of empathy and expands it to include objects – a crucial notion for architecture, especially. Partanen & Lamusuo apply empathy in their projects and always try to jump into the role of the experiencer. Fernando Nieto and Rosana Rubio examine empathy and its potential in architectural education, while Iris Andersson writes about hospital architecture and the properties of healing spaces. Klaus Mäkelä’s job as a conductor requires careful consideration of the concert hall he works in. Pyry Kantonen photographed urban communities during the pandemic and Aki Markkanen studied the impacts of Covid-19 measures on Helsinki cityscape and its residents in his photo series.

Empathy is also needed in the changing and developing world. Emma Hannula writes about her experiences as an architect working with development work. Architecture collective jeesjeesgood looks at the new interpretations of Critical Regionalism and how they could help with adjusting architecture to climate change.

The issue also showcases five recently completed buildings: Talli Architecture & Design has transformed the state’s old margarine factory into apartments. House Nybo by Kanttia2 Architects and the Kisällintie 7 semi-detached house by Topi Tuominen try to fit into their historical contexts. Arcadahallen sports hall and housing by Ahlman Architects aims to be an approachable addition to a university campus, and Vocational College Live by Linja Architects exemplifies the dimensions of accessible architecture.


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Editorial | People in their Houses
Mika Savela

Once upon a Spring
Aki Markkanen

Empathy – A Collection of Phenomena
Henrik Ilvesmäki

Conductor's Perspective on Space
Marianna Wahlsten

Circle of Care
Iris Andersson

On Hares, Ferrymen and Empathy in Architectural Education
Fernando Nieto, Rosana Rubio

Working in a Changing World
Emma Hannula

A New Direction for Critical Regionalism
Irina Garnets, Panu-Petteri Kujala, Anni Saviaro

Studio Visit | Partanen & Lamusuo
Building a Better World – Piece by Piece
Vuokko Viljakka

Sharing Isolation
Pyry Kantonen


The Old Margarine Factory
Talli Architecture and Design

Interview | Margarine Factory Atmospheres

Vocational College Live
Linja Architects

Interview | Harmoniously Accessible

House Nybo
Kanttia 2 Architects

Interview | Created Together

Semi-detached house Kisällintie 7
Topi Tuominen

Ahlman Architects

Interview | Floating Layers

Column | The Weakening Link between Architecture and Social Interaction
Tommi Aho


Book | Netta Böök and Kari Immonen (eds.): Uno Ullberg. Viipurin arkkitehti (Vilhem Helander)

Book | Liisa-Maria Hakala-Zilliacus: Amerikan arkkitehti, Petsamon sotilas. Olav Hammaströmin elämä (Kimmo Sarje)

Book | Jacques Barsac: Charlotte Perriand: Complete Works. Volumes 1–4 and other recent books on Charlotte Perriand (Esa Laaksonen)

Kanttia 2 Architects

Ahlman Architects

Pyry Kantonen

Irina Garnets, Panu-Petteri Kujala, Anni Saviaro