1/2020 Shared

How do we share the spaces we live in – at work, school or home? How to design collectively? Is the vision for the future we are building with architecture a shared one?


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Editorial | On Common Land
Mika Savela

Manifestos on Sharing in Housing Design
Katja Maununaho

Flipside of an Activity-Based Office
Virve Peteri

Studio Interview | Nordic Works – Nordic Voices
Tommy Lindgren

Can We Share Our Way to Sustainability?
Annamari Vesamo

Romance and Cosmic Connections
Mika Savela


Jätkäsaari Comprehensive School
AOR Architects

Review | A Paradigm Shift
Mikko Summanen

K Campus
JKMM Arkkitehdit

Article | Campus for Connections

House by the Market Square
Jani Prunnila

Artikkeli | A Townhouse in the Chain of Generations
Rurik Wasastjerna

Puuhi Community Space

Article | Farmhouse Living Room, Church and Dance Floor

Column | On Sharing
Jane Hall – Assemble


Book | Transcending Oppositions / Tadao Ando’s Recent Works. Nadilazenje Suprotnosti / Recentni Radovi Tadaa Anda (Kaisa Broner)

Book | Ott Kagovere, Kaisa Karvinen & Tommi Vasko (eds.): Borrowing Positions. Role-Playing Design & Architecture (Mika Savela)

Book | Helmi Kajaste: Rakenna, kärsi ja unhoita (Essi Oikarinen)

Book | Jyrki Sinkkilä, Aapo Pihkala & Emilia Weckman: Maiseman tekijät (Pekka Pakkanen)