2/2019 Education and Research

In Finland, architects have traditionally constituted a rather homogenous species and architect-identity has been a shared experience. In recent years the spectrum of duties entailed in the profession has become wider, resulting in the fact that a single architect cannot master every aspect. For example, combining architectural practice with an academic career is no longer necessarily possible.

Today in Finland over 250 new students start programmes in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and urban studies and planning each year. The issue features up-to-date thoughts on architectural education from the three Finnish architecture schools and presents interesting recent student work.

Articles and interviews explore the relationship between research and teaching and bring into question some current unwritten practices within the field – from gendered structures underpinning the architectural profession to public image of architects – that we have a possibility to modify with conscious identity work. The projects presented in the issue are all educational buildings, ranging from daycare centres to higher education.


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Editorial | Splitting Ranks
Mika Savela

Schools - interviewing the directors of architecture schools

Structuralism – Patterns of Interaction

Architecture from Earth – Päivölä Rammed Earth Experimental Building Project
Kristiina Kuusiluoma

Tervajärvi Chapel – Design and Construction Process
Lassi Viitanen

1918 – Sites of Remembrance of the Finnish Civil War

Valoateljee – A Gallery Building for the Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum
Meri Wiikinkoski

Time Machine – A Speculative Proposal for the 1971 Martinlaakson yhteiskoulu Design Competition
Frans Saraste

The Building that Disappeared – The Viipuri Library by Alvar Aalto
Laura Berger

Should Collectives Replace Starchitects?
Aleksi Lohtaja

Gendered Perspectives on Architectural Practice
Hanna Tyvelä

Vibrant Colours, Invigorating Light
Päivi Lukkarinen

Studio Interview | Jenni Poutanen – Occupation: Diversity and Variety
Mika Savela


→  Jätkäsaari Elementary School and Daycare Centre, Helsinki
Anttinen Oiva Architects

Interview with | Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit, Erika Kallasmaa
Visible Walls

→  Vaaralanpuisto Daycare Centre, Vantaa
AFKS Architects

Interview with | Jari Frondelius, Sari Ikonen-Polamo
Wooden Precision

→  Tuupala Elementary School and Daycare Centre, Kuhmo
Alt Architects, Karsikas Architects

Interview with | Antti Karsikas
Learning from a School

→  Myllypuro Campus, Metropolia UAS, Helsinki
Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects, Lehto Peltonen Valkama Architects

Review | Town and Campus
Elina Koivisto


Column | Let's Combine Research and Practice!
Janne Pihlajaniemi


Esa Laaksonen, Silvia Micheli (eds.): Aalto Beyond Finland vol. 2. Projects, Buildings and Networks (Vilhelm Helander)

Meike Schalk, Thérèse Kristiansson, Ramia Mazé (eds.): Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice. Materialisms, Activisms, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections (Marja Rautaharju)

Kristine Annabell Torp, Elise Lorensen (eds.): Formation. Architectural Education in a Nordic Perspective (Aulikki Herneoja)


Radical Theatre, Museum of Finnish Architecture (Stella Vahteristo)