3/2018 Natures

The third issue of the year examines the relationship between architecture and nature. In Western thinking, nature has traditionally been regarded as an enriching element for human life. The current planetary changes, including the climate change, challenge the conception in novel ways, which has consequences also within the architectural practise.

What does nature mean in architecture now and in the future? Immaterial and material resources, beautiful scenery, production spaces? Summer cabins, saunas, data centers and reservoirs? The issue compiles viewpoints to nature and areas surrounding the urban, from infrastructures to backyard saunas and installations.

UU AA, a project exploring the new form of our publication continues with explorations on connections between architecture and media. We will report on the progress made in the project in all issues of the magazine throughout 2018.


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Editorial | A world without buildings?
Mika Savela

Digital backyard – eyes wide shut
Frances Hsu, Daniel Urey

Notes from suburbia
Tom Jeffreys

Studio visit | Mattila & Merz – Basic elements
Mika Savela


Pihasauna, Fiskars
Mattila & Merz

Commentary | The uninterrupted building tradition
Georg Grotenfelt

Koonta-asema, Helsinki
B & M

Commentary | Miracle of the mundane
Roy Mänttäri

Villa K, Sipoo
Mer, Ettala Palomeras

→ Villa Leija (Kite), Kirkkonummi
Olavi Koponen

House Y, Iisalmi
Teemu Pirinen



A magic box of light
Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen

The future in nature – Eero Lundén
Essi Oikarinen

The architectural dimension of protest
Pijatta Heinonen

Speaker's Corner | Away with nature
Jenni Nurmenniemi, Tuomas A. Laitinen


Stephen Kite: Shadow-Makers. A Cultural History of Shadows in Architecture (Mikael Andersson)

Gareth Doherty (ed.): Roberto Burle Marx Lectures. Landscape as Art and Urbanism (Juanjo Galan)