4/2017 urban housing

New residential construction increasingly complements and densifies our dispersed city structures. This creates an urbanism that lacks the closeness to nature – a typical feature of Finnish suburban estates. What kinds of urban housing should be built in Finland today? In this edition of Arkkitehti, four urban planning experts put forward their views, demanding diversification in the range of residential types, and alongside trendy historical solutions – such as perimeter blocks – also bold, innovative and radical proposals.

The journal features a variety of urban implementations: from a street façade infill to a redevelopment the size of an urban block, from the urbanism of large buildings to the urbanism of two-storey townhouses. Also featured is the restoration of the…


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editorial | Urbanity
Jorma Mukala

The characteristics of the Finnish city
Vesa Humalisto, Henna Helander, Jussi Murole, Mikko Näveri

Sailors Home, Helsinki

Aleksis Kiven katu 19, Helsinki
Anttinen Oiva architects

Laukkukuja, Helsinki

Jallukka, Helsinki

Lallukka, Helsinki
Arkkitehtitoimisto Freese

history | Voices and noises at Lallukka
Otso Kantokorpi

interview | Steven Holl
Pentti Kareoja

pavilion 100
Paul Thynell, Matias Kotilainen, Tuomas Martinsaari

research | Studying urban metamorphology
Damiano Cerrone, Panu Lehtovuori

refugees | Housing or storage facilities?
Elina Koivisto

speaker´s corner | Where did the architectural authority go?
Dorte Mandrup

books | Time for Space
Janne Pihlajaniemi

déjà-vu | Viljo Revell, KOP Bank building, Lahti 1964
Jorma Mukala