2/2017 schools, female architects

Schools are constantly evolving and the architecture of new schools is of a high quality and vibrant. This positive trend, however, has been generally overshadowed in the media – and for good reason – by the moisture and indoor air quality problems in school buildings. The primary school is one of the key factors behind the success of the Finnish welfare society. In today’s society, that is becoming increasingly fragmented and multicultural, the primary school creates a positive cultural collectivity. As new teaching ideals and methods have an impact on the architectural design of schools, a natural pressure for renewal materialises. The current trend in school building seems to be centralisation and larger units. Studies have shown that learning outcomes are better in large schools than in small ones. The sizes of schools have also increased by attaching to…


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editorial | School – an asset worth cherishing
Jorma Mukala

Large, effective, versatile
Paula Holmila

Aurora School, Espoo
Auer & Sandås Architects

Nikkilän Sydän, Sipoo
Ark-house architects

Roihuvuori School, Helsinki
Jeskanen-Repo-Teränne Architects

Maunula House, Helsinki
K2S Architects

art | Tülay Schakir
Otso Kantokorpi

interview | Osmo Lappo
Jorma Mukala

pavilion 100
Virkkala de Vocht Architects

discussion | Architect, entrepreneur, woman
Elina Koivisto

identities | Feminism as an instrument
Marja Rautaharju

history | The changing careers of women architects
Pirkko-Liisa Schulman

speaker´s corner | Architecture. Body. Memory. Time.
Petra Gipp

books | A Genealogy of Modern Architecture
Anni Vartola

déjà-vu | Kaarina Löfström – Tikkurila Oy Reseach Centre, Vantaa 1985
Noora Laak