5/2016 Helsinki, city boulevards

Infill is the in-word today. Instead of building residential districts on the urban margin, the current trend is to make cities denser through infill development. Now the ideal is urban compactness which is assumed to reinforce social cohesion. Cities thrive on speed and diversity. The future path marked out for Helsinki, Finland’s biggest growth centre, lies in city boulevards as outlined in a new City Plan. Helsinki’s future urban structure is evaluated by the Director of Strategic Urban Planning Division Rikhard Manninen, Urban Planner Teemu Jama and Professor and Researcher Kimmo Lapintie. What are the joys and advantages of the new urbanism? And what are the problems? This issue also discusses the current plans for the City…


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editorial | Cities grow, ideals change
Jorma Mukala

Future Helsinki: city boulevards

Helsinki's new direction
Rikhard Manninen

A New Hope
Teemu Jama

O Brave New Urbanism
Kimmo Lapintie

Löyly, Helsinki
Avanto Architects

Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki
Huttunen–Lipasti–Pakkanen Architects

Satakunnankatu 21, Tampere
Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects

Lahti Travel Centre

finlandia | Finlandia Prize for Architecture 2016
Miina Jutila

tampere | Tampere grows on the roofs and shores
Iida Kalakoski

dreams | Jari Huhtaniemi
Miina Jutila

florence | The alphabet of the streets
Hannu Salmi

utopia | Back to the futures
Julius Jääskeläinen

speaker's corner | Art for an increasingly compact city
Li Andersson

books | How the City Moved to Mr Sun
Esa Laaksonen

déjà-vu | Airi Seikkala-Viertokangas, Märtha Lilius-Tallroth – The Rautpohja factory apartment blocks 1938–40
Sanna Meriläinen